What a waste

When you have so much work to be done, and it is all done on the fly with no

  • Standards and Manual Work, the priority of tasks keeps changing. Do this now, no stop that and do this.  You are constantly
  • Task switching. This leads to
  • Partially done work. Nothing gets really completed on time. Everything gets late. The customer is
  • Waiting for their solution longer. Since it takes so long to get to the customer, and we are under the pump, we make mistakes, cut corners, this introduces
  • Defects that need to be fixed. The buggy code goes back to development, then testing, then UAT again, it is constantly in
  • Motion. The software is so buggy. we introduce gated changes and procedures and other
  • Extra Processes to prevent issues. The deadline looms. Nothing is complete, everyone stays back late into the night and they work weekends. Their
  • Heroics is astounding. We finally ship. We planned everything up front. Did everything the customer initially specified. Oh no! they didn’t really need those
  • Extra Features that we spent months building. It had no business value, it was just a nice to have.

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