Santa’s Scrum Adventure

With every year the Christmas cheer would just get bigger and bigger.
Santa had troubles keeping up, his elves had to get quicker and quicker.
Then one night while he was filling his tum,
He found the answer, it was Scrum!
They brought in both Ken and Jeff, they both were a Scrum Master.
Santa was of course the one and only Product Owner.
The elves divided themselves in teams  between 3 and 9.
They started working in sprints from 1 month down to 2 weeks at a time.
Sprint would start, they’d plan their tasks
First Masks then little Red carts.
During the StandUps, 
Santa would interrupt
And Ken would say “No No!”
They almost had to cancel the sprint when Santa wanted to make Yo-yos. 
They reviewed each sprint, it was a hit
The toys were the best made ever.
The retrospective was very selective on what they could do better.
They repeat and repeat till Christmas Eve getting better and better each turn
By then Rudolf had become the next Scrum Master intern.
This Scrum is great, 
Let’s haul the freight
To all the boys and girls.
Christmas was saved, 
The change was braved
Next year we’ll give Scrum another whirl.

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