My Rules for Being Agile

First rule of being agile. You will fail! Yep, all those that say Agile doesn’t work are correct. It doesn’t work. Let’s move on.

Second rule of being agile. Find out the thing that prevented you from succeeding.

Third rule of being agile. Try to fix that thing that you found in the second rule.

Fourth rule. Go back to the first rule.

Rule zero. Do this regularly and consistently and eventually the first rule becomes irrelevant because it becomes habit.

This is simple, but it isn’t easy. You will loose motivation. I know I have at times. You will get tired. You will at times get stuck in a rut. It’s easy just keeping things at steady state. You just sometimes have to pull yourself out and keep going. Keep finding the problems and solve them. When you are stuck in a rut, try to stretch outside your comfort zone or do something different. It might inspire you or give you a new perspective.

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