Scrum is like the foundation to a house. Remove some of the components and the house is compromised.

In Australia, we tend to build houses on a concrete slab. So, for example, if you don’t do something outlined in scrum, such as stopping g the daily standups, reviews, retrospectives, product owner dictates work to be done, quality is compromised etc, then it is not unlike leaving,out the rebar in the concrete slab.

You can still build the house on top of the slab. The house may even hold, but the chances of the house toppling over are increased significantly.

The same with scrum. You take away one of the few components, without knowing full well what you are doing and the consequences, you run the risk of your scrum implementation failing. You may be lucky in that it will not fail, but why lay on luck.

As a side note, it could be considered that other types of housing foundations, such as pillars that keep the house off e ground, are analogous to other agile methodologies such as Kanban.

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