Cross Pollination

Since I received my Lean Six Sigma Yellow belt from goleansixsigma I have been receiving a lot of emails about how to do things better. How to implement Lean and Six Sigma from doing your gardening to any project. Now, a lot of these posts include techniques taken from the Agile community such as Kanban boards, Retrospectives and such. What we are seeing here is a cross pollination of techniques across different disciplines. Its not surprising. Go Lean Six Sigma, mainly used, but not limited to the manufacturing space  as I understand it and Agile for the software industry have the same parentage in the Toyota Production System and both foster continuous improvement. It stands to reason that in improvement and practice in one discipline could be used in another.

To me, it just proves that we are all on the right track, be it Agile, Lean, DevOps, Theory Of Constraints, they are all on the same path, just in different lanes to the same destination of continuous improvement through feedback loops. Each lane a variation of solving the same or similar problems, but in different contexts.

So my thinking is that regardless of the methodology you employ, or even if you make it up yourself. Provided you are willing to question everything, have an open mind, diligently try to improve and implement a feedback loop to test those improvements and adapt to be better, you will eventually find yourself on or close to one of these methodologies, or potentially a completely different lane as your “context” may be different but still going the same way.

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