Conformist vs Creative

A few years ago, my team started doing Knowledge sharing sessions. We would get together for an hour and a member of the team would share something. It didn’t have to be related to work. It could be anything. Anyway, one team member did one on psychology testing. I can’t remember he details of what the test was, but I remember a few things about the results of the team. The first was that the individual that brought up the test was leaning towards the practical side. I remember him saying that for him to consider something new, you had to show him proof that it was a benefit. The second was that most all of my team scored similarly, except for one person. Me. I scored more on the creative side. I’m more willing to try new ideas, and find creative ways to do things.

I feel that this might explain why I’m more inclined to accept and try different ways of doing things an my colleagues at the time. It may also explain why it’s hard for some people to change their ways and accept lean principles even if it stares them in the face.

I also think, that with Taylorist type management where conformance reigns, that this mindset tends to be rewarded and those that do not conform, are either told to conform, or are controlled to the point that they conform anyway or worse of all, considered trouble makers and punished.

Although I have never worked for a Lean style organization, I would like to think that the more creative types are given a chance to shine and those that are more prone to be cautious are given a chance to let out their creative side.

If anyone out there reading this works for a lean organization, are you able to confirm my thoughts? If so, please let me know in the comments below.

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