Agile Only Works For…

I was told the other day that Agile only works for Web Development. And guess what, they guy was right.
Agile only works for Web Development, and…

Developing Cars

Wikispeed is an automotive manufacturer that develops cars through modular design. The company was founded by Joe Justice to produce a car that would compete for the Progressive Automotive X Prize competition in 2010. They came in 10th place, no mean feat given they were competing with major world wide car manufacturers.
Wikispeed uses Scrum development techniques to improve productivity and development of their cars.
Yes, Wikispeed is a small car manufacturer, run by volunteers, but they are making ripples in the car industry with their rapid development times.
Toyota, this goes without saying. The Toyota Production System is the basis for Lean which is then in turn the basis for Agile Development. Toyota has been in the agile game for over 70 years. They are now the Third Largest (In 2017) car manufacturer. Down from top spot.


Eduscrum is a version of Scrum modified for education in schools. Developed in the Netherlands it teachs kids to be self organizing of their learning.
Students plan and determine their own activities and keep track of their own progress The Teacher determines the assignments, coaches and gives advice.
Students that work under eduScrum have better grades, better understanding of material than their non-Scrum counterparts.


Lonely Planet, the company that develops those travel books, thier legal team here in Melbourne uses Agile techniques to manage their workload.

A Whole Town

Grow Cornwall is an experiment for a town in Cornwall England to introduce Agile techniques to businesses. The process has helped companies and businesses improve their workflow, throughput and thus profit.

Law Enforcement

The Ghana Police Service began adopting Scrum practices for its Police Force in January 2017(Not its IT Division) to become a world class police service. Their goal is to be come one of the top 10 police services world wide in 4 years time.
With roughly 33,000 police offices and an additiona 14,000 community support officers, the task isn’t easy, but they have taken up the challenge.


Tenfold is a software company that has applied Agile to their sales process.


Agile Manufacturing means that things have come full circle. Using techniques from Agile, companies are applying these techniques to manufacturing and are seen to be taking Lean Manufacturing to the next level.

Yep, Agile only works with Web Development – NOT!

Let me know in the comments if you have any other examples of Agile use outside the IT Sector.

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