Pair Programming – My Ignorant View

Firstly a disclaimer. I have never done pair Programming. Never read officially about it I.e. Kent Becks Extreme Programming Explained. I have only what I have read in blogs, which is limited and my own thoughts. 
I feel it is important to document my ignorant understanding before I embark on learning as it gives a base level of my understanding based on what I currently know about agile methods which I can look at in the near or distant future and see my progress. 

Now, for my ideas on pair Programming .

Say you have 2 people, A and B. A has knowledge that B needs.

First phase, A and B sit together. A works while B observes. B can ask questions, but A explains as they go along what they are dong.

Second phase, B takes over while A observes. B applies the knowledge they have learned, while A corrects B for any mistakes or answers any questions as required.

At the end of both phases, you now have 2 people converse in the knowledge.

Now it it time for the third phase. B now teaches C and simultaneously, A can teach D if required.

This I see as a good way to disseminate knowledge through a group. You get the one on one time and then apply the knowledge through teaching. 

I first saw something similar in a TV show. ER as a method for surgeons to disseminate knowledge. The saying was…

  • See one
  • Do one
  • Teach one

Now, as I mentioned earlier, this is my ignorant thoughts, but I would like to know everyone else’s on the topic. Let me know in the comments.

The Founder

I recently watched the movie ‘The Founder’, and i was watching the MacDonalds brothers talking about how they started. To me, the way they worked everything out looked like Lean to me. They way they worked out the restaurant layout, on a tennis court, with chalk outlines then get the people in to simulate their work. Try it out, when it doesn’t work, scrub out the lines, re-draw. The way the brothers automated, also how they failed but kept trying different things. They also didn’t hide anything. Eye showed everything off. Not only to Ray Kroc, but anyone interested. Just like TOyota does.
The whole system looked like lean in the making, if this story is accurate, it meant that the US had lean concepts 30+ years before it was formally introduced by Toyota in the 80’s. The movie was sad in the end, the McDonald brothers lost their legacy. Had there been collaboration instead of confrontation between the McDonald brothers and Ray Kroc, maybe lean might have been incorporated into the culture a decade or so earlier.

I guess we’ll never know.